Final Fantasy IV Cast

Cast Information

- Rosa Farrell
- "Edge" Edward Geraldine
- Cecil Harvey
- Kain Highwind
- Yang Fang Leiden
- Edward Chris von Muir
- Palom of Mysidia
- Porom of Mysidia
- Cid Pollendina
- Rydia of Mist
- Tellah
- Fu So Ya

Character Chart
Cast Interviews
By: Cristi

- Cecil
- Cid
- Edge
- Edward
- Kain
- Palom & Porom
- Rosa
- Rydia

with Cecil

-Cast Interviews were the concept and creation of Cristi.

- RPGuru Interview with Cecil was featured in the RPGuru section of RPGamer Nov 10, 1998 between letters (I present this page with the letters cut out).

- The character stats were compiled from the Final Fantasy IV "settei shiryouhen" (foundation data compilation) book by Jennifer Mukai . Character descriptions and abilities were gathered from the Final Fantasy Chronicles instruction booklet. All character artwork by Amano Yoshitaka.

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