Game Guides & FAQs

Final Fantasy II US Easytype
-The Dark Crystal Cheat
-FFII vs. FFIV**
-Character Change Codes**
-FFII FAQ #2**
-FFII Handbook**
-Item List**
-Monster and Treasure Chart**

Final Fantasy IV Chronicles
-FFIV Guide**

Final Fantasy IV Settei Shiryou Hen
-Translation by RACapowski**

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-The Dark Crystal Cheat was submitted by Adam. Thanks a million!

-FFII VS. FFIV written by Ian Kelley

-Character Change Codes written by SirGarland and Strato 508.

-FFII FAQ compiled by Adam Lederman & Kelly Gillilan.

-FFII FAQ #2 compiled by Shadow Fighter

-FFII Handbook courtesy of Ben Siron.

-Item List edited by Barubary.

-Monster and Treasure Chart by Eric Cheung.

-FFIV Guide compiled by Joseph Witham .

All materials are presented in their original formats as requested by authors. Information here has been used only with author's permission where requested.

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