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Okay, as I promised… here’s the intro to Zemi Dreigiau! How do I even start to explain him? Those who already know Zemi from various story lines understand the difficulty of my situation. He’s not really a character one can easily define… he has to be observed over time to really be understood.

Some background on him, at the least:

Zemi is the most powerful of the race of creatures known as an Arweinydd.

Though they are beings of neither good nor evil, the Arweinydd were originally creatures devoid of true capability for emotion. However, Zemi has grown much different from his kind. Always bold, mischievous and inquisitive, his unusual overwhelming desire for knowledge resulted in a constant rapid growth of power and spirit, and eventually led him to unlocking his hidden ability of ‘Esgor-ar (the power of Creation).

Once having discovered these secrets, Zemi became an artist and creator, the maker of the creatures (note: only creatures, not people) of the Euphoric world. From the first moment that he breathed his essence into a creature of his own craft, something within him began to change…. and he grew to be the only of his kind to know compassion.

Zemi had the most admiration for the magnificence, intelligence and nobility of Dragon-kind. It was these beasts that he labored to perfect, even to the extent that he himself would spend much time within the form of a great white dragon. Thus, he became known as Dreigiau, The Dragon.

This also goes to explain his rather unusual appearance. Zemi still seems to have a bit of trouble working the Dragon attributes out of his Earthian form — especially the wild, mane-like hair and the possession of fangs. Not that he minds… He’s not too shy about the truth of his origins.

Redrawn: 4-7-2010
Original Art Here