Alert is a prototype machine built by Kip as part of the security system of the Tower. Its job is to patrol the halls of Zot and to sound an alarm in the case of intruders. However, a mix-up found this Alert on the receiving end of a potent bolt of TsuMe’s lightning. Though Kip was able to restore the machine’s functionality… it has developed a few unusual bugs in the AI – namely, a romantic attachment to TsuMeTai.


Aur is a servant of Zemi Dreigiau. Little else is known about his origins. Upon the orders of his Master, Aur was given the form of a human boy and sent down to the Blue Planet. His mission was to find, befriend and watch over Zemi’s grandson, Ben. The one catch… he doesn’t remember a thing about who or what he really is.

You can find more about Aur in the following stories: Dreigiau, Coming of the Darkstar and Wayrift.

Benjamin Ya

Golbez Benjamin Ya was born of a Lunarian father, KluYa, and human mother in the city of Mysidia. Unkowing to him, he is also the grandson of the Arweinydd, Zemi Dreigiau. Ben was raised as an ordinary peasant child, unaware of his Lunarian heritage. However, he has already begun to develop a control over unusual magic powers that are far beyond the human grasp. He was taken as a captive into the Tower of Zot at the age of 12. He is unaware of the fact that his parents were slain by the dark force that keeps him hostage in the Tower. With the support of new-found companions within the Tower, he struggles to understand the truth of his origins and to navigate the difficult road that lies ahead.

You can find more about Ben in the following stories: Coming of the Darkstar and Wayrift.


Kip is a skilled Lunarian Mind Mage and Technician that was trained as a renegade, far outside the normal standards of the Manor. When the Lunar homeplanet fell into destruction, Kip lost his wife and child to the tragedy. This pushed his already impulsive nature closer towards the edge of instability. He managed to escape the planet’s annihilation and has since been wandering alone under a new name, unknown to the Lunarian colony on the Blue Planet’s moon. He has had no connection with his people… until the day he was contacted by Zemus who brought Kip the plans to begin building the floating fortress now known as Zot

You can find more about Kip in the following stories: Dreigiau, Coming of the Darkstar and Wayrift.


KluYa was the son of Zemi Dreigiau and the father of Benjamin Ya. A Lunarian pioneer, he came down to the Blue Planet to develop connections between the humans and his people. His hope was that the Lunar Colony would eventually be able to find a new home upon the human world. It was rumored that he possessed the power of Future Vision and could see hints of things that would one day come to pass. This did now, however, save himself or his family from the darkness that has descended upon them… and has now taken his eldest son captive in the Tower of Zot.


Rook is a young, upcoming Centaur warrior who has been recruited into the army of Zot. Not quite considered an adult among his people, he strives to make a name for himself and to do his family proud. Instead, he tends to blunder and stumble his way into danger and adventures, no thanks to Ben’s troublemaking tendencies. Though he is friendly enough, he’s often thick-headed and not the brightest of Centaurs to grace the history of his people.

Rubin Lugae

Rubin Lugae is the leader of the Mercenaries, the eldest of the Luage brothers… and a lot older than he appears to be. From a young age, he became obsessed with the idea of eternal youth and cheating death. Since then, all of his efforts are bent on self-preservation, even at the expense of everyone around him. Though he has a brilliant mind and great magical potential, his narrow focus has kept him from achieving anything beyond the unnatural lengthening of his own life. However, he’s finding that playing with dark magic is quickly catching up to him.


Sapling is an elf-like creature who resides in the Tower of Zot as the Healer. Though she appears to be a child in form, she claims to be far older. Her origins were from the Troian forest, though she will not share more information on her people or her past. She was taken into the tower of Zot by Kip, claiming to be rescued from a group of renegade elves who were seeking to harm her. Her companion is the ferret-like creature named Hinge.


The Shadow Dragon is a majestic and terrible creature who is chained as a prisoner within the heart of the Tower of Zot. He proclaims that he is the Keeper and Guardian and his fate is to wait for the great Rite of Passage. He is an ancient creature with much wisdom and knowledge of the old ways… and has recently been befriended by Ben.

Tane “One-Die” Arknell

Tane “One-Die” Arknell is one of the Mercenaries and the younger brother to Valice Arknell. Though he is a powerful warrior and skilled in the way of weapons, that’s where his knowledge ends. In everything else, his level of comprehension is somewhat lacking… which allows him to be the butt of Rubin’s plots and jokes. Despite this, he seems sincerely protective and caring for his elder sister.

Valice Arknell

Valice Arknell is one of the Mercenaries and the older sister to Tane Arknell. She is sharp and street-smart, having been forced to raise herself and her younger brother from an early age. She also possesses great magical potential in the element of air. Along with her female persuasion, this makes her a valuable asset to the trio of Mercenaries. Though she has her doubts about Rubin’s sincerity towards the group, she owes a lot to him for getting them off of the street. Unfortunately, Rubin is aware of this too…

Zemi Dreigiau

Arweinydd are not earthly creatures – their origins and state of being are still as of yet a mystery. For the most part they hold themselves apart from the “Earthians” (those who are bound to live upon a terrestrial planet) and are strict about their kind not intermingling with these creatures. Zemi, however, has a mind and will of his own and he took it upon himself to go against all protocol.

Zemi is the father of KluYa and grandfather of Ben. Very little is known about his history other than the fact that he was the most powerful of the Trine and a Patron Guide of the Nefolian Realms. Currently, Zemi has sent his servant, Aur, down to the Blue Planet to watch over Ben.

You can find more about Zemi in the following stories: Dreigiau, Coming of the Darkstar and Wayrift.


Zemus is the Lunarian mastermind behind the Tower of Zot. It is little known that through his own missteps and selfish desires, he has become nothing more than a host to the Chaotic Arweinydd, Zeromus. Though his powers have been weakened due to forced slumber on the Red Moon, he acts out his plans through a waning connection to his servant, TsuMeTai. He seeks to take control of the potential-Sygnus power within young Ben and bend it to his own desires… however his charming and persuasive demeanor tends to throw people off his track. For now.

You can find more about Zerom(us) in the following story: Dreigiau.