Main Characters


The young Warleader of the Rai clan, Jin can at first appear to be stern and steeped in his clan’s traditions. He has a strong sense of honor and holds his duty to protect his people above all else. However, there’s a part of him that has dreams to make a better life for the Rai clan.


A young warrior who claims to be the Champion of the Dragon Patron, Zemi Dreigiau. He’s overly confident about his strange magical powers and fighting prowess, but he knows very little about the ways of the clans. His goal is to unify the clans and bring them together under Zemi’s vision… though he hasn’t figured out what that vision is and exactly how to do all that.

Supporting Characters

KoGuRai the Elder

The previous Warleader of the Rai clan, and father of JinRai. He is strangely sensitive and forward-thinking for a man of his position, and cares deeply about his people.


She’s Jin’s childhood friend and a hunter from the Rai clan. Her sharp and seemingly cold nature only belies her duty to her clan and leader.


He’s Jin’s childhood friend and a scout from the Rai clan. Though he typically has a laid-back and easy-going demeanor, he does take his duties to the clan very seriously.

Cameo Characters


The son of JinRai, who eventually becomes the leader of the Rai clan during the Wayrift timeframe.

Flower Rai

The daughter of KoGuRai, granddaughter of JinRai.