Heroes Aren’t Chosen, They’re Forged

    ZenToYa is the chosen one.

    He was raised from childhood as the Champion of the Star-Dragon, Zemi Dreigiau, who opened his mind to the forbidden knowledge of magic. However, nothing could prepare Zento for when he is sent to enlighten and unify the primitive clans of the Inner Realms.

    He faces a harsh world of tradition and superstition, where people fear his strange powers rather than welcome him as the hero he thinks he is. Here, Zento befriends an unlikely companion, the stern Warleader JinRai.

    …And Jin shows him that in order to teach the clan people, Zento must first come to understand them.

    This is the story of Nefol.

    Nefol has been one of those projects that Syn and I have really wanted to create and work on, but just haven’t found the right medium to present it. We’ve begun it several times in different formats. We have kicked around the idea of turning it into a visual novel, a written story, a script story and most lately a webcomic. Though, I admit, the webcomic idea was mostly me just working on art and being impatient with how Nefol hasn’t developed over the years.

    Over the 2016 holidays, Syn and I decided to pick up a copy of RPG Maker MV while it was on sale. We spent a good chunk of time in 2017 checking out the software and began building the story of Nefol in an RPG Maker game format.

    Though we made some progress with RPG Maker, come the holiday of 2017, we decided to shift gears and try to learn to use GameMaker Studio and Spriter as an engine. Though we put time and effort and money towards the project, it just didn't end up turning out. I think the learning curve was just too large for the small amount of free time we had, and trying to piece together assets turned out more challenging than I expected.

    As of this point, game creation is on hold. But, I still wanted to archive the posts and the experience we had while attempting to develop it!

    -Site Originally Launched 4-1-15-