Flames of Bedlam

Flames of Bedlam Cast


He spent his early life as a nameless soldier-slave, forced to fight for the Invaders, a race of creatures working to conquer his home world. Finally escaping this imprisonment, he follows the Call of the Spirits, and accepts the power they grant — becoming the First Dragon, Bahamut. Using this power in rage and vengeance, he shapes the future of his people and world…


The young, heroic clan Chief whose life turns upside-down upon meeting Bahamut. He follows the Call of the Spirits to become the serpent-dragon, Leviathan. Popular and well-loved among his people, he’s confident and good-natured in his approach to life. But this whole turn-into-dragon thing… yeah… maybe not so much.

Levi’s concept belongs to Syntyche, who kindly allowed me to borrow him for the express purpose of annoying Bahamut. <3