Darkstar Glossary

This is a dictionary helper to go along with the Darkstar story. I will be adding more words & people as the story grows. If you become uncertain of what a word or term means, or have forgotten who a person was, this will help you to find that information. Happy reading!



~Ahura- Magical aura that surrounds every person with inborn magic ability. All magic users can see another magic user's ahura, thus knowing the extent of that person's ability. Non-magic users can feel a ahura if the magic user's powers are great enough. However, certain high level spells can be used to "hide" a ahura from both magic users and non-magic users.

~Airships- Powerful flying boats used by the Nations for war and protection. First said to be designed by KluYa.

~Anna- The girl whom King Edward loved. She died protecting him when Damcyan was attacked during the Crystal War.



~Bahamut- King of the Dragons.

~Baron- The most powerful kingdom of the Blue Planet, home of the Airship fleet, Red Wings. Ruled by King Cecil and Queen Rosa.

~Benjamin Ya- The common name for Golbez.

~Blue Planet- Earth, much like ours. Home to the Human race.



~Cecil Harvey- Ruler of the kingdom Baron, the most powerful state of the Blue Planet. He is married to Rosa, and is an established Paladin Warrior from the previous War of Nations. Son of KluYa, nephew of FuSoYa, and younger brother of Golbez. One of the Chosen Heroes.

~Chase- Young orphaned Page of Baron. Has strange, golden colored eyes.

~Chosen Heroes- A group of five warriors who defeated Zeromus, the Hatred, in the Crystal War.

~Cid Pollendina- Master engineer of Baron. Maker of the legendary Air Ships of the Red Wings, and versed in the secret arts of happiness.

~Crystals- In tune with the elements of the universe, there are exactly 16 crystals, not including the Key crystal, said to have been created by KluYa. There are 4 crystals of light on the Blue Planet's Upper World, and 4 in the Underworld. There are a corresponding 8 located in Titlanus.

~Crystal War- The war that took place on the Blue Planet, in the original game of FFII, in which Golbez was a pawn of the evil Zeromus, used to gather the crystals of the earth to open the path to the red moon. Zeromus was defeated by the five Chosen Heroes; Cecil, Rosa, Kain, Rydia, and Edge, thus restoring peace to the Blue Planet. Also called the War of Nations.



~Daear- A tribe of earth spirits that pledge to protect the Blue Planet's life balance.

~Damcyan- The Desert Kingdom. Ruled by King Edward. Houses the Crystal of Fire. Is known for its chocobo races.

~Deric- A young half-Elf warrior from the forests of Toroia.

~Dwarf- Race of people who live in the Underground City. They are ruled by King Giott, and are expert weapons craftsmen.



~Eblan- Kingdom of Ninjas, ruled by King Edge. Utterly destroyed in the War of Nations.

~Ebonytide- Golbez's oversized black chocobo. Loyal to him despite the bird's lack of intelligence.

~"Edge" Edward Geraldine- King of Eblan, a Ninja by training. One of the Chosen Heroes.

~Edhan- Prince of the Underworld. Son of Leviathan and Asura, apprentice to Rydia.

~Edward Chris von Muir- King of Damcyan, and a Bard by nature. Lost his once true love, Anna, in the Crystal War.

~Elf- Ancient race of peoples that coexist with Humans on the Blue Planet. They are extremely rare, keeping to their own peoples, hidden in the depths of the forests.

~Euphoria- The secret land of the Euphorics, rumored to have once been located in a distant demensional time and place from that of the Universe of the Blue Planet.

~Euphorics- Race of winged peoples who once dwelt in the Realms of Euphoria. The chosen people of the Trine. They held powers and magics unknown to other races, and very different from that of Human & Lunar. After the fall of Euphoria, their race virtually disappeared.



~Fabul- Kingdom ruled by King Yang. Houses the Crystal of Air. A nation of prime karate fighters.

~FuSoYa- High Lunarian Sage. He was chosen to guard the Crystal Fortress on the red moon during the Lunarian's slumber while in the Blue Planet's orbit. Brother to KluYa, Uncle to Golbez and Cecil.



~Giott- King of the Underground Dwarven Nation. Friend to King Cecil.

~Golbez Ya- High Master Wizard. Stolen as a child and warped to the ways of the darkness by Zeromus, he first fought on the side of darkness during the Crystal War. The maker of Incrytan. Older brother of Cecil, nephew of FuSoYa, son of KluYa.



~High Mystiks- The leaders of the old Runnian society.

~Human- Race of people living on the Blue Planet. They are much like the Humans we know, except some are able to control powerful elemental magics.

~Hummingway- A race cat peoples that once lived upon the Red Moon.



~Incrytan- The Key Crystal. Creation of Golbez, is linked at heart to the powers of all the crystals of light and darkness both on Lunarious and the Blue Planet. The reasons for creation of the Key Crystal are unknown.



~Joran SuKi - Young Lunarian adventurer, with dreams to become a famous treasure hunter/explorer of Lunarious.



~Kain Highwind- Dragoon Captain, and childhood friend of Cecil and Rosa. Twisted into submission by Golbez's dark powers during the War of Nations, he was forced to serve the side of dark. Since then, he seeks to clean his spirit of the stain marked with his betrayal of his friends. One of the Chosen Heroes.

~Kantal- A tropical fruit juice. Favorite of Cecil and Golbez.

~KluYa- A Lunarian chosen to watch over the Lunars in slumber on the Red Moon while in the Blue Planet's orbit. He left the Red Moon and came down to the Blue Planet to further the Humans' knowledge. He showed them the ways of magic, and built such things as Airships and the Serpent Road. Defeated and imprisoned upon the summit of Mt. Ordeals. Brother to FuSoYa, father of Cecil and Golbez.



~Land of Summoned Monster- A town in which the Monsters live, deep under the Blue Planet's crust. Ruled by their King, Leviathan, and Queen, Asura.

~Leona (Corleona) Pollendina- Daughter of Cid Pollendina. Leona is like a little sister to Cecil Harvey, as they were raised fairly closely.

~Lunarians- Refugee race that escaped the destruction of the planet Ruune, and came to live on the red moon that orbited the Earth (hence name "Lunar"). They now are making a new home on the planet Lunarious.

~Lunarious- The planet on which the Lunarians have settled their people. It is structurally alike to the Blue Planet, though with many differences in terrain. Is orbited by four moons (one being the red moon of the Lunarians that was pulled into the planet's orbit).



~Manor- The home of the High Mystiks of Runne, and a place to teach the most talented children of their race.

~Mastak- Lunarian drink, served hot. Their substitute for coffee.

~Mist- A tiny village, once home to the Callers of Mist.

~Mt. Ordeals- A testing grounds for all that would like to become a Paladin. It is said an ancient spirit awaits at the summit to test the purity of the soul. The only person to return as Paladin has been Cecil.

~Mysidia- The city of Magic, ruled by the Elder. Linked to Baron by the Serpent Road. Houses the crystal of Water.



~Nodd- One of the few remaining Hummingways. He is but a Kit, and endowed with great illusionary magics.



~Opalene (Opal)- The youngest of the High Clerics of Troia.



~Palom of Mysidia- An accomplished Black Mage, though only a young boy. Twin to Porom.

~Porom of Mysidia- An accomplished White Mage, though only a young girl. Twin to Palom.

~Pren- The leader of the Daear.



~Red Moon- A Lunarian creation. It was a meteor-like rock upon which the Lunarians escaped the destruction of their home planet, Runne. It eventually was pulled into orbit by the Blue Planet. Was called the Red Moon because of it's deep red coloring.

~Rhone- Young Dwarf, nephew to King Giott.

~Rosa Harvey- Queen of Baron, Wife to Cecil, and also a powerful White Mage. One of the Chosen Heroes.

~Runne- Planet upon which lived the Runnians. It eventually began to die away, for unknown reasons, finally imploding violently. The only survivors are the people who are now known as Lunarians.

~Runnian- The former name for the people now called Lunarians. They inhabited the planet once called Runne.

~Rydia of Mist- One of the chosen Heros. A young woman from Mist, the last existing Human Caller on the Blue Planet. Can also use powerful Black Magics. Currently resides in The Land of the Summoned Monsters, and is the teacher of Edhan.



~Serpent Road- An ancient, mystical path over the ocean between Baron and Mysidia which transports people almost instantaneously between the cities. Built by KluYa.

~Silverlining- A mercenary airship pilot, flying twin silver ships, "Barnburner" and "Lady Luck".

~Sparrow- A strange little girl with the ability to shape shift into Sparrow form.

~Sygnus- A child of the Heavens and the Earth... Sygnus is said to hold powers to rival even those of the Trine.



~Tellah- An old sage who took his life in attempt to destroy Golbez during the War of Nations. Father to Anna.

~Titlanus- The crystal fort created by Lunarians on the planet Lunarious. It is much like the castle that was on the red moon, though larger, and more decorative.

~Trine- The name given to the three Arweinydd that worked to protect the realms in which the worlds of Euphoria and Runne once existed.

~Troia- Neutral kingdom ruled and protected by women. Ruled by the Circle of High Clerics. Houses the Crystal of Earth.



~War of Nations- Another name for the Crystal War.



~Yang Fang Leiden- King of Fabul. An accomplished Karate Fighter of the Old Ways.



~Zazo- Sister of the Trine.

~Zemi- The eldest of the Trine.

~Zemus- The Dark Lunar. One of the Lunarians sleeping within the red moon. Stole Golbez away from his family in order to use and twist to the boy to evil ways. Sealed the living spirit of KluYa within the crystal cave at the top of Mt. Ordeals. Slain by FuSoYa and Golbez at the end of the Crystal War.

~Zeni- The youngest sister of the Trine.

~Zeromus- The Hatred of All That Is. Slain by the Chosen Heroes at the end of the War of Nations.