Age~ Irrelevant
Height~ 6'1"
Race~ Lunarian
Hair~ Fiery Opal-White
Eyes~ Green Laced with Silver
Standing~ Lunarian Missionary


KluYa was the younger brother of FuSoYa and father of Cecil and Golbez.

During the age of Runne, he was brought to study at the Manor at a very early age. There, he excelled quickly as a student, and became the youngest of any Runnian to take up the position of Athrawon. During the destruction of their home planet, it was through his efforts that so many of the Lunarians manage to survive.

For many years he joined his brother in watching over the Lunarians in their slumber upon the Red Moon. But ever a fiery and adventurous spirit, he soon grew restless at the lack of advancement in their sleeping society. In efforts to help bridge the gap between the humans of the Blue Planet and his own people, KluYa descended to the earth. There he brought into being marvels such as the Elemental Crystals, the Serpent Road and Airships, as well as fostered the secret powers of magic that had remained hidden within the people of the Blue Planet.

However… upon one fateful day, KluYa and his entire family simply disappeared…