The Fall of the Dreigiau

Excerpt from an unknown author (thought to be AsaHiYa)
Source confiscated from confidential files of the Manor

It has happened, just as Zemi told me it would. I didn’t want to believe him. I didn’t want to think that he could really leave this world. After all, aren’t Arweinydd supposed to be eternal? Indestructible? Or does all of that fall to pieces in the wake of the Dark Sygnus? I just can’t grasp the idea that he could really be gone. But he has not returned… much time has passed… and something inside me can feel the loss.

Zemi warned me when he set out to challenge Luccious. There was a hint of it in his voice when he spoke of the Dark Sygnus’ stirring… and how the safe place that the Trine created here for our people had been discovered by the eyes of Chaos. Zemi said he had no choice but to meet Luccious in battle, even if he knew that it might happen that neither of them would withstand the encounter.

The sleeping Nefolian nation has begun its darkest days. Our Patron has fallen… and no one remembers enough… knows enough… to tell the difference. What Zemi sacrificed in order to stop the madness of Luccious… has now left us helpless in the hands of the Manor. The opposing forces have been scattered with the loss of SoYa. Even KiNaTu has not been able to recover the operation, as much as he has tried. Our society is on the verge of collapse. And our planet groans with the threat of internal imbalance.

Somewhere within me, I wanted to believe that Lucci could be brought back to us… that Zemi would be able to triumph. To know who Lucci was once… and to see what he has become… rends my heart with a sorrow deeper than words can express. Is there no stopping the taint of Zerom, even after our Nefol homelands were taken and destroyed? After so many deaths were suffered? When will this madness ever end?

We had so little time… the loss is heavy in my heart. Doubly so, now. But I know I have to bear this secret within me and see this through. With Zemi gone, I can only pray that I have the strength to protect the one that will carry on in his stead.