Of the Dark Sygnus and the Refugees of Runne

A Rough Translation from an Runnian Text
By High Sage FuSoYa

In old writings, the Dark Sygnus was first called Luccious. It was said that it is the child who was created by the hatred of Zeromus. Even though one raised the child by the hand of Dreigiau, the darkness still took that mind. The insanity of Sygnus came to him. Everything which was made by the people of that kingdom was destroyed. The people from “the kingdom inside” who survived the cataclysm were carried by the Trine to the new world. This world was named Runne. The people who are awakened by the power of the Dreigiau now became dim due to the darkness of Luccious. They lost their wings and memory everything of their lives before.

As for the Trine, they lived far from the people of the new world. Many lives were lost in the war against Zeromus and Luccious. The damage which is ended in the society was not corrected under any condition sufficiently. And still, the people of Runne hid in the fear that perhaps, Dark Sygnus still searches out those for destroying.