Sygnus Star is a recreation of a Final Fantasy II/IV fan site that was originally launched in 2000 and existed up through 2006-2007. This site first lived on Geocities, then moved to several free hosts during its time.

Sygnus Star was the home of submitted fan content such as fiction, poetry, and artwork from folks all across the world. It also archived game walkthroughs, info and FAQs for the original SNES version of FFII/IVj.

I was the webmaster of Sygnus Star, and I happened to save several backups of the site as it grew over the many years. Because of this, I was able to restore these pages here on Neocities. I may update a few things, but I will try to mostly recreate this project in the spirit of the original site. This work reflects the SNES version of FFII/IVj, and was created before The After Years or the updated 3D version that was first released on Game Boy Advanced.

Please know that I was given permission to host the work showcased here, though it was quite a while ago. I've left all the email credits as they were years ago, but I can't say if any of these addresses still work.

If you happen to be a creator of something here and you don't wish me to keep it archived, please contact me and I will remove it!

Final Fantasy IV -- May Old Legends Never Die!

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All characters found upon these pages are subject to the copyright laws of their creators-- All original FF2/4 characters are property of Square. I do not claim to own them.

All writing and art is property of the author/artist. If you find something on these pages you just can't live without, find the contact information for that person and please try to ask first before you use it. If there is no contact information and it is not otherwise stated, it is assumed that the work is my own (Aywren).

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