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Inside the shadow’s stronghold, who is friend and who is foe? A boy has been taken, his family slain by a darkness from a distant world. He holds a dormant power that the Chaos needs to accomplish its final agenda. While hope seems lost, light can be found in unexpected places. This is the novelization of the webcomic Shimmer, which first launched online in 2004.

Shadows of Zot was launched 6-19-14.
All writing and art created by Aywren Sojourner.

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  • User AvatarAywren { You're correct on #1 -- I tend to make that mistake often. But, magelok IS magelok. They are Syn's invention and she likes to misspell... } – Dec 09, 7:51 AM
  • User AvatarTsunamiatunzen1 { Well it seems someone's found the Balrog's cousin and dared to disturb their beauty rest. Suggested Edits (** marks point of interest): 1. Dark circles... } – Dec 09, 3:33 AM
  • User AvatarAywren { Feel free to use it for your RPG. It's really fun to write scenarios like this (even though it's a bummer for poor Ben). } – Nov 10, 2:18 PM
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